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Our Story

I’am an Argentine-American that lives in Miami, FL, and I’ve been building scale models since I was a little kid inspired by my fascination for everything aviation.

I attended to Navy Military School in my native country and eventually became a pilot and went through college. I also served as a reserve officer in the Argentine Navy, first in full active duty and later in the Naval Aviation Reserve.

Scale modeling is something I never abandoned, not even when in military school, the Argentine naval service, college, or even after moving to the US. I have other hobbies of course, but this one is that something I always been doing, and that perhaps, somehow defines me.

Around the year 2007 I stopped building models for myself and started building models for others. I don’t sell these models, I just give them away as a personal gift or I donate them to institutions. Among the recipients of my models I can count friends, people that I met thanks to scale modeling and became friends, active duty and retired military personnel from Argentina and the US, Argentine Naval Aviation Squadrons, US Naval Aviation Squadrons, and Argentine and US museums, including the Argentine National Naval Museum (Museo Naval de la Nacion), the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia, and the United States National Naval Aviation Museum.


Of course because of my Navy roots my main area of work is Naval Aviation, although some times I take a break and go off track with some non-Naval Aviation commissions.

Building models for others changed the game for me regarding the hobby, because actually makes me connect not only with history as a whole, but with real people and their life stories. I never imagined that a simple hobby from when I was a kid would bring me here and allow me to leave a very small but thoughtful legacy.

I hope you enjoy my models, I put a lot of time and effort in them hoping their recipients will feel the connection with the part of their lives they intend to represent. As I always say, they are far from being perfect, but they have a lot of love in them.

Thanks for watching and reading, and if you are a modeler: Happy modeling!

Max Lacobara - Wings of Gold Scale Models

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